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the studio

We pride ourselves on our holistic approach towards building and landscape design. We deliver innovative architecture, landscape and urban design throughout a range of projects, utilising our strong beliefs for positive change. 

our story

We want to imagine the way forward, preparing feasibility studies, building strategies and masterplans - identifying opportunities within project scopes. We love to sketch and model - creating environments that people can live, work, learn, play and love. This is achieved by taking the simple things in architecture and making them exciting. 

We recognise that every project and every client is different, and therefore, we adopt flexible working relationships with our clients. 

After an initial consultation we will tailor our service to meet your particular needs, and the specific requirements of your project and budget. This will include a fee estimate broken down in to phases to reflect the nature of your project.

our aim

catoe/brown strive to improve the perception of architecture within the Highlands, developing irrepressible designs that encourages economical, environmental and social growth.  

our team

catoe/brown was formed in 2019. Our current team is made up of Jamie Catoe and Edward Brown, who met while studying and living in Inverness. From A to Z, our collaborative approach draws on the team’s diverse skills and expertise.

We are always looking to hear from talented and creative people at all levels of experience, which we review when a position becomes available. 



catoe/brown uses Stage 0 to explore a number of ideas for you, predominantly through concept designs. This enables the studio to get a better understanding of what you like and what you may want for your project. 

preparation &

Following your feedback and research, we begin to develop a single design proposal. We will be able to submit the initial design to the local authority for pre-application advice on your behalf at the end of Stage 1


The design development by catoe/brown in Stage 2 is more detailed and starts tailoring the design in accordance with feedback from the local authority, enabling greater success for your proposal during the planning process. 


catoe/brown continue to develop and test aspects of the design, preparing the drawings and accompanying documents for a planning application at the end of Stage 3.


At Stage 4, we consider the materials, specification and detailing of your project. We will develop your further to a level of detail where it can be submitted to Building Standards to show compliance with statutory regulations and sent to building contractors for pricing. 




construction & handover

At Stage 5 and Stage 6, we tailor our level of input to your project requirements, and can provide contract administration services.

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